Once you've decided to buy a home, it's time for an essential step in the process and that is pre-approval. Essentially, this is a letter your mortgage lender provides that states how much they are will to lend you. There's two things this does. First, it ensures you are looking for homes in the corresponding price range. Just think when you watch Property Brothers and they take the couple to an amazing home that is nowhere near their budget. Well this is for effect on the program, but with pre-approval in hand you don't run into this situation.  Second, when you find a home and make an offer without a pre-approval letter your offer won't be accepted. In reality, there's no agent I'm aware of that will submit an offer without a letter unless this was a cash deal. 

Now how do you get pre-approved? It's actually quite simple. You call your mortgage lender and they will walk you through the process of what they require. If you don't have someone, your agent should be able to recommend at least a couple people that you can talk to. It's a pretty quick process but very essential. 

Once this is complete nothing is holding you back from finding your dream home!

Happy house hunting