Getting Ready to Sell your Home 

Congratulations, you've decided to sell your current home. Now it's time to prepare your home to sell for the highest amount possible. And how do we do that? First, we start with cleaning. Some serious deep cleaning. Blinds, grout, baseboards just to have a starting point. This is the old, you never have a second chance to make a first impression. A sale can be lost the moment a person walks in your home if it's dirty.  

Second thing to do declutter. Not only will this help you in selling your home it will make it that much easier when it's time to move. It's remarkable the amount of things we can acquire over the years. Things we not only don't need, but might have even forgotten we have. If you have a box of books just sitting collecting dust consider donating them to a local library. Toys or clothes kids have outgrown? There are many organizations that will come pick them up and you now have a charitable  donation. The best part is you've removed things from your home opening up the space giving your home a more substantial feel.  

Third, and this one I don't hear talked about, if at all possible remove valuables from the home.  Whether you need a safety deposit box for a month or two or trust a friend or family member, this is in your best interest. You don't know the people coming through your home, don't take a chance.  

Fourth - Remove pictures of your family. The psychology behind this is, the people coming through need to feel as if it can be their home. When there are family portraits around that doesn't happen. The thought then becomes, oh do I know this person? Just take the pictures down and pack them up. You'll get to bring them out again when you're in your new home! 

So now you have a quick guide to start you on the path of selling your home. Cleaning is never fun but in the long run it pays dividends.