If you have your home on the market and it lasts more than a few weeks there is only one reason. It's your price. . That's the only reason. Here's what amazes me, I see all these open houses and for what and why? I'll go into why the open house benefits your agent and not you in another post, but there is no way your home should last long enough to have an open house unless it's overpriced. I understand some of you homeowners out there are convinced that your home is worth more than it really is. But part of your agent's job is to not only explain that to you but to come up with a plan. 

When someone tells me they want to sell their house I ask them if they're already packed because I'll have it sold in a week. And don't think for a minute we're not getting top dollar because we're talking about multiple offers. So if you have a home that hasn't sold within a month and that's being generous, you have the wrong realtor. When you realize you want the right one give me a call at 248-866-8784 and we'll get you moving fast. Just make sure you're packed!!!